Saturday, September 29, 2007

Project Everlasting

Some months ago I was contacted by a NYC book publicist about the possibility of co-sponsoring a PR event between the Boston Wedding Group and two young bachelors who had written a book on the secrets to a life-long happy marriage. The book, "Project Everlasting", and the adventure that went into making it, can be found on the site,
I have been buying copies of the book for many of my about-to-be-married couples, as well as my just-married friends, and
am still awed and moved by Matt and Jason, the authors of the book (they are for real - I met them and chatted with them!) and the couples who enthusiastically shared their stories about lasting love.
I highly recommend the book to all couples planning on "happily ever after". Marriage is not always easy, but these Marriage Masters, who have sustained love for over 40 years, certainly have a lot to teach!

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