Thursday, October 18, 2007

Message Boards

If ever you find yourself perusing a message board, and find us mentioned in glowing terms, please pay no attention. Draw your own conclusions from viewing our work, speaking or meeting with us and using your own intelligence. When a bride sounds too smart on a message board, people assume she's employed by the compnay she's raving about. Forgive me, but most of our brides are highly articulate, very well-educated, and enthusiastic about our work. But ignore those message boards and judge for yourself.
You may also find that groups of wedding professionals tend to recommend one another. If you thiink about it, why shouldn't we? After all, if you work with people whom you like and whose work you admire, why wouldn't you recommend them and they you? Every industry has its formal and informal professional associations and the wedding industry is no different. Members of well-respected organizations tend to agreggate and refer one another - enjoying the team camaraderie and ease that develops
with frequent work associations.

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