Saturday, October 27, 2007

We're Growing!

It was bound to happen. We've been getting ready to announce this for a while now, and the time is right. Our staff has grown to 6 and we are now able to accept more wedding dates. Two of our "new" additions have actually worked with us for almost 2 years: Courtney Perkins started with us as a bright and enthusiastic intern from Emerson College and we quickly learned that Courtney was game for any challenge. Working with Courtney is always fun. When her boyfriend Patrick moved here from California, his experience in filming and lighting made them a powerful free-lance duo!
Travis Farrenkopf came to us as an intern from Art Institute and within weeks had made himself indispensibe to our company. In addition to coming on many shoots with us, Travis can troubleshoot any technical issues, network our computer systems, handle lighting, filming and editing; AND layout our ads all at the same time.
Josee' LaPointe is our newest addition who appeared in a response to an ad I posted on Craigslist seeking an editor to help me finish my film on Equal Marriage. She's an award-winning documentary film maker, owner of Twelve String Production (, knows how to tell a great story, and loves a good party!
Last, but certainly not least is "Justine the Intern" as she calls herself from BU. Justine is a woman of many talents - helping me pay sales tax one day, updating our marketing plans the next and generally keeping all of us happy and organized throughout the week.
We almost lost her a few weeks ago when she sprained her ankle rock-climbing, but fortunately for all of us, Justine is a quick healer and was back on the job the next week, hardly missing a beat.

We're excited to add new creative juices to our studio and promise that our work will only get better.

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Justine the Intern said...

My injury wasnt as adventurous as it sounds, but working at Generations Videostories is always keeping me guessing whats going to happen next providing me with valuable experience in a more creative field than what i am familiar with in the School of Management. Although, my more technical background has helped calculating the crazy exponential growth from quarter to quarter.