Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another month???

April came and went. We filmed the first wedding of the official wedding season, and WOW what a great wedding!
The ceremony was at a beautiful old church in Newport, RI; and the reception was celebrated at the Belle Mer, one of our top 5 venues.

My friends would laugh at me when I tell them what an AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL couple this was. She (Gina) was totally devoted to everyone around her being happy and taken care of. I mean, this bride was preoccupied with feeding her wedding party while her makeup was being put on, as well as organizing trolley pickups and flower deliveries. Not a wave of stress rippled around her. Just lots of wonderful happiness and love. Of course, she was also beautiful and wore a gorgeous cream satin gown with crystal re-embroidery.
Her husband, Stephen, was also movie star handsome and poised. Together, on the dancefloor during their first dance - a foxtrot mixed with some lindy - well choreographed, of course - they tore up the room. Guests poured in and out of their hotel suite all day from the bridesmaid's arrival through the after - party party, that we heard ended around 2. After the reception, most of the guests took over the hotel lobby bar, and the poor lonely waitress can't have imagined how many people she would serve in one hour, nor how much she would take home in tips from the fun and generous partygoers.
From the time GQ and the Lady took the bandstand until the last dance of the night, these wedding guests of all ages kept the dance floor packed. GQ and the Lady were a new treat for us. Wonderful, unpretentious, real music to dance to.

Those of you who visit this blog from time to time, probably notice that our name has changed to better represent what we do.
So far, everyone has loved GENERATIONS cinemastories. We're excited about our new name and hope it communicates what we love to do.

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