Thursday, December 31, 2009

Click Here for our 2009 Cinemacard

There is so much I have to write about. 2009 has been the best year for us. We've worked with the most creative wedding professionals and the most wonderful, fun and loving couples. As I organize for The Big Move between January and February (West Edge here we come!) it's my plan to blog and post clips from the weddings I haven't yet gotten to. Like the gorgeous Greek wedding of Viki and Niko December 27 at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Boston with the reception at the ever-stunning State Room atop the city.

The night was clear and the view was dazzling. The bride wore pink-champagne tulle with silver sequined bandeau across the strapless top. The flower girls and junior bridesmaid wore antique ivory tulle ballet dresses with red satin straps and underskirts. The stateroom was awash in red uplighting, balls of deep red roses and carnations centered the tables and Greek music kept all the guests dancing passionately as they rained dollar bills (symbols of good luck and prosperity)down on the couple. I watched the circle dancing from the balcony at the State Room and at times all I could see was one graceful, moving figure made of all the guests' bodies. It was mesmerizing.

I wanted to create a cinemacard to thank our couples and our studio interns and staff and our wedding industry colleagues for helping make this year so memorable.
Jack and I worked on this one which made us feel all warm and happy inside. We're so grateful to be doing what we do. Thank you!

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