Friday, January 15, 2010

A Moving Experience...Person+Killian Party 2010

It's getting close to moving day - which we've targeted as 1/28/10. Exciting, daunting, terrifying. The new house in the West Edge
is amazing; the task of sifting through our pack-rat accumulations of 8 years and choosing what to save, what to toss is daunting. And the idea of watching all my day to day stuff disappear into beige boxes is terrifying. SO - if there's a bit of silence on this blog for a few weeks, you'll know where we've disappeared to.

BUT - there's nothing like a good party to take your mind off things you'd rather not think about. Jill and Lauren (Person + Killian Photography) threw their almost-annual Thank-You party for all their industry friends and colleagues. We've been lucky to be both - and had a blast helping out. Jack was in heaven dj'ing and Trevor had a great time doing video projection.
Here's what it looked like to us and for more details on the rest of the team go to:

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