Friday, January 8, 2010

Style Me Pretty

And here we come to Scarlett and Daniel's wedding day. We meet Scarlett picking up her parent's friend's antique roadster to drive to the wedding. Modern girl, indeed! Scarlett wears my fake Blackgamma mink coat with such panache. Over at The Loft on A Street, there are last minute adjustments to the decor; experiments in lighting; the band setting up; the maid of honor having her makeup done.

A classic photoshoot in a great venue. There's something about a man in a black tuxedo leaning over a pool table. A white silk dress against a brick wall. There were amazing textures in the decor for this shoot. It is impossible not to be blown away by the singers in the band. Fabulous style. Fabulous music. Enjoy and thanks to everyone involved - it's a huge pleasure and honor to work with you!

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