Sunday, November 14, 2010

Silent Wedding Memories

Great dinner fun at Marina and Yi's (LifeFusion Photography) last night visiting  in their gorgeous new home. Hanging out after dinner in their stunning downstairs studio, Marina played for me a heart-opening bit of dslr video she took of a beautiful bride serenading  her guests on piano and in song. The bride was an amazing singer - and the thought that these moments might not have been captured was as startling to my photographer friends as it always is to me.
When I hear, as I do so often from prospective couples,  that they hadn't budgeted for wedding cinematography ("videography" in their vernacular)  but now decided they wanted to try to fit it in - I wonder what they could have been thinking. It's honestly curious to me how someone would want to remember such a voice and sound-filled day in silence. Yet, that's what giving up  a wedding day soundtrack is. A bride will never again hear the sound of her dad's words of advice whispered in her ear before they walk down the aisle. A groom won't be able to listen to his mom telling him how much she loves him and how handsome  he is as she pins on his boutoniere. And, obviously all the emotion wrapped around each word of the couple's vows will fade with time and memory.

I've seen brides sing to grooms and grooms play to brides and uncles sit in on drums with bands. I've heard plays written and performed at weddings, and toasts that deserve to be heard again and again. And, of course there are personalized ceremonies that are so eloquent and moving that they are  love scenes from potential literary works. Our own wedding is recorded in audio only, from the moment my mom calls the gathering together in her garden in Brooklyn, until my father blesses us both - and is complemented with great photos taken by talented friends. After all these many years we have yet to put it together as a project.

I'd love to hear from couples who have regretted not having a wedding film, to ones who have valued theirs, to couples who still don't see the value.  The answer that gives me the greatest new insight will win an anniversary love poem.
*post by Naomi

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