Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Real Blast from the Past

Jack recently re-posted this highlights on our Vimeo page. It's one of the original "Generations" weddings that was ever shot - even though the studio wasn't even a pipe dream, Jack was filming this as a favor to our good friends, the couple Ilene and Geoffrey, and I was still a counselor. The film is shot in super 8.

The year was 1995, I remember going with Ilene to the designer Daniel Faucher in his South End loft, and watching as he draped and pinned Ilene into this gorgeous, retro 1950's pink, silk-organza, portrait necklined, tea-length dress. OMG! Ilene's first (and only) wedding, and Ilene being a woman of great personal style was going to be her fabulous self in retro, custom designed PINK.

The intimate wedding was held at the Lyman Estate and Ilene, accomplished designer (as well as attorney!) that she is - achieved deep satisfaction from planning the event. It was perfect, as was the radiant pink bride, with white gardenia tucked behind one ear. Geoffrey looked on adoringly.

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