Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Emily and Sean, June 18th 2011

What could be more fun (and appropriate!) than filming a wonderful, loving wedding on Jack and my anniversary? We were married, years ago, in my parents’ garden in Brooklyn, NYC. We picked June 18th, (which happened also to be Fathers’ Day that year) to sign a ketubah, and wed under the dappled shadow of my childhood cherry tree.

It was a perfect day. Now many years later, almost every year, we celebrate our anniversary at someone’s else’s wedding. It gives us pause, an opportunity to renew our vows, even while we’re behind the camera and focused on a new couple.

By luck (or fate) we always have an extra-wonderful wedding on June 18. This year, we also had the delight of filming Emily and Sean’s wedding alongside two of our oldest industry friends: Person and Killian Photography. Can I say it was the best party?

The ceremony happened outside, under a chuppah, in the park adjacent to the Marlowe Hotel in Cambridge. The morning showers had cleared leaving a perfect, bright blue June day in which Emily and Sean would exchange vows. A modern, traditional, Jewish wedding ceremony was created by the couple and Rabbi Liza Stern.

Emily and Sean met at college. Anyone who saw them together would know that they were “beshert,” or “meant to be,” in Yiddish. Both value family, friends, and a celebration that would bring them all together. Emily and Sean are in the business of giving, whether at their work or at play - Emily is involved in non-profit work and Sean is a doctor.

They made sure we were introduced to all the “important people” so the wedding day film would include them all. Among these VIP’s were 3 grandmothers and 1 grandfather. One set of grandparents live in Florida, and hadn’t flown in 20 years. Understandably, they were anxious about making the trip to Boston, so the couple arranged to fly down and pick them up. Emily and Sean considered it an honor to escort their grandparents from Florida to Boston. That’s the kind of people they are.

Wedding Coordinator: Regina Cameli, Hotel Marlowe staff
Photography: Person +Killian

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