Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old and New - High Tech and Vintage

Ever notice that those old movies never seem outdated? How the rare wedding filmed in 16mm or Super 8  in the '60s  look so nostalgic and cool even now that couples are still having their weddings shot in those film formats?
Technology marches on, and analog video (VHS, Hi- 8) changed to standard def DV video, then HD and now HD/DSLR. I am confident that in a year or so, another format will enter the arena and all our current cameras will be obsolete.
But old, low-def film looks never seem to go out of style. There's something imperfect, intimate and "real" about those looks that (for me, at least!) often trumps the best DSLR, Glidecam wedding films.

Jack and I  were delighted to come across this current music video which depends so much on old low-def film looks (ok, with a bit of HD footage mixed in) that it feels positively modern.

What do you think?

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