Monday, April 9, 2012

Thoughts on Marriage

So many of our couples marry after being together for 8, 10 years. They clearly know one another; are, in fact, best friends as well as lovers. Much of the time they have already shared their lives, their homes and families. Yet something transformational happens at the wedding. Those of us who choose to work in weddings, are drawn to that "something". It's an energy akin to magic, and makes sense of all the ritual and beauty that we want to create for that day. It feels like all the hope and faith and love of the friends and families of the couple is aimed and focused on them simultaneously. It's one giant community blessing.

I'm often asked by wedding guests if I always cry at weddings -(someone noticed the steady downpour over my cheeks) - and I confess that I often do. It's humbling and heart opening to be in the presence of so much public love.

When couples ask us to make their wedding film they ask us to capture the people and stories and love behind their pictures. The weddings we go to seem as much about the guests as the couple and are times to recount family histories, to talk about the couple, the trajectory of their relationship, and how the wedding day came about. I like to think our wedding films will be touchstones for our couples in the future: reminders of why they married, and how much they loved one another on their wedding day. I like to think that our wedding films, watched regularly, could be a kind of marriage insurance.

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