Friday, September 21, 2007

filming the proposal

I just read an article in today's NY Times Style Section about a trend in photographing wedding proposals.
If the guy REALLY wants to capture it all for posterity, try hiring a really good videosleuth like my partner, Jack Brotman, to film the proposal! Not too long ago, we got a call from a Utah man who was planning to propose to his girl at the Fairmont Copley Hotel in Boston, where she was visiting with her parents. The girlfriend was unaware of the forthcoming proposal, although her parents had been clued in and were a big part of the whole plan.

The girlfriend and her parents were having brunch at the Oakroom while Jack was pretending to be filming some promotional piece for the hotel. The BF, who had flown in that morning, entered the room, totally catching his girlfriend off guard while the parents slipped off to a nearby table to watch. As Jack slowly turned his camera on the couple, the BF reached into his pocket, produced the ring, and proposed to his very surprised and ecstatic new fiancee'. Of course she said yes, and the entire experience - the surprise, tears, words, laughter and hugs - were captured forever on film.

We suggest that this "proposal video clip" be included in a love story video to be shown at the rehearsal dinner or cocktail hour at the wedding We can interview the couple in advance about the story of their romance, edit in photos from their dating and engagement shoot, add favorite music and have a great piece to entertain and inform at upcoming events and thereafter.

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