Monday, September 17, 2007

The New Wedding Client

Grace Ormonde recently commented in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style that face - to- face meetings are becoming less necessary in the hiring of wedding professionals. It's easy to see how increased dependence on wedding sites, magazine spreads, event planners and of course, word of mouth referrals, are reasons behind this forward trend. I love having most of my calls and e-mails come from clients who have done their research and are a conversation away from a contract. In enables me to spend more of my time being creative instead of sitting through preliminary meetings with potential clients.

Today's couples are much more savvy in knowing what they want and how they want their wedding (and marriage!) to be. They know the look, the feel, the ambience that represents them best. An interesting development I'm seeing is couples who will spend extravagantly on one or two things: music, photography, food, cinematography or flowers - and then cut back on other things to have the best of what's really important to them. They're making up their own rules as they create the wedding, and the marriage to come.

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