Monday, April 21, 2008

Where have we been?

I just signed on to blog a bit, and realized that Spring has come and I've been gone for almost 6 weeks. That's what Winter does to me in Boston. I crawl inside and hibernate. Of course, we have stepped out now and then to do a shoot but mostly we've been buried in editing.

But- Spring is here, weddings are popping up like crocus, and love is in the air! We were saved from the depths of Winter by Christine and Alex (if you want a preview of their wedding, visit BKB's site and checkout their photos from Brittany Blando and Maureen). I LOVED Christine and Alex' first dance to the 50's song by Peggy Lee "Fever". That was one of the BEST first dances we've seen in a while!

We're about to update out website now that our fabulous Travis is graduating AI and hopefully can work with us with some kind of regularity. School has definitely been getting in the way of serious work. Travis is about to design a website screening room for us so that all our clips will run in Flash and it will all look a lot prettier. We'll also have a new version of Mary and Bill up soon. One of the prettiest weddings at the Fairmont Copley we did with Heather Minicucci of Simply Inviting Wedings.

The most exciting news for us this Winter is that our colleagues are naming "indie Documentary" the new trend in wedding film making. We've been doing "Indie Documentary" - a combination of real people, real sound and real feeling combined with creative visuals - since we've been in business, so we're thrilled that we're the NEW THING.

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