Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lindsey and Nate at the State Room

September brought one of the all-time prettiest weddings we have seen. First of all, Lindsey was a gorgeous bride. Nate a super handsome groom. And the two of them were so very much in love. Everyone around them was so comfortable and gracious in front of the camera, we all had a blast filming that day.

We had never filmed a wedding in the Old North Church with its creaking floors and its boxed in pews, and were we glad we had 4 videographers that day! All it took was one bridesmaid to shift her weight to the left, and she blocked my view of Nate at the altar. I filmed the rest of the wedding with my tripod tipped over and resting on my forearm.

We filmed a lot in black and white for Lindsey and Nate's wedding and really loved the look. Not only is it romantic and old fashioned, there is something about black and white that focuses the eye on the subject instead of distracting it with all the color.
I'm really glad a lot of couples like grainy black and white images because at the moment, that's what I'm liking, too!
The day was grey and lightly raining which created a magical sheen on all the outdoor shots. I LOVE the look of those images!!

Back at the reception, the beauty continued with a sophisticated lounge environment, Tiffany-blue table cloths and a gorgeous cobalt blue-lit backdrop with the couples initials projected on to it. Filming couples silhouetted against the backdrop was a stunning addition to the visual effect of the night.

It was also great to work with Jill Person (from Person + Killian) again. It's always great to do weddings with Jill!
Right now Lindsey and Nate is our favorite highlights clip - and we can't wait to work on the full-length film!

Lindsay & Nate from GENERATIONS videostories on Vimeo.

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