Monday, March 16, 2009

March Reflections

It's cold and damp but the bluejays and cardinals fluttering in the tree outside my office window are energized and daily I hear about outdoor weddings planned. Yesterday we participated in a boutique showcase at The Commandant's House in Charlestown.
It was the first time I had attended an event there during daylight and was so impressed by the beautiful light streaming into every room. We enjoyed some getting-to-know -you time with Grande Dame of wedding photography, Cheryl Richards with whom we shared a display room. Finally got to meet Abby Larsen of Style Me Pretty fame. Definitely one of my most favorite wedding blogs!

Faxon Green (who appears in Kim and Mark on our site) did the flowers and THANK YOU FAXON! sen us home with a sweet and wonderful bouquet of lilacs and pine stems. Now the studio smells like Spring even though I'm still Winter-chilled.
Met some great couples - some still planning weddings only a few months away. Seems like a lot of couples are planning closer to their weddings than ever before.

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