Saturday, February 28, 2009

Love Songs

Jack, my partner in life and work, and I often veer toward different styles. My style tends to be about intimacy and stories and Jack's is more about music and romance.
Jack's roots are in music - dj'ing when he can; and a veteran of a short-stint in Boston's music radio scene. Music enters a room with Jack, and Jack's mental as well as digital music library spans all genres.

As an outgrowth of our creative evolution, we now offer LOVE SONGS - romantic, art house, music videos.
Short, glamorous,stylized - on your custom engraved IPod.

Check out "Leigh and George" and "Kristie and Jeff" on our VIDEO GALLERY as examples of our Love Song Videography.

Leigh and George Wedding Highlights from GENERATIONS videostories on Vimeo.

Kristie and Jeff from GENERATIONS videostories on Vimeo.

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