Thursday, June 11, 2009

Odetta and Brett at The Willowdale Estate

What a bride! What a groom! What a party! This one showed up late in our bookings as apparently one of the family members decided to gift the couple with us making their wedding film as a wedding present. Pretty nice present, we think! This is actually the second time we have had this happen to us - and we have to say, we are deeply honored.

It was an intimate wedding, with about 80 guests - since the groom and his family were from Australia and many couldn't make it halfway around the world for the event - but the bride's family came from Albania, and Albanian dancing heated up the dance floor much of the night.

The groom's wonderful sister, Bronwyn, whom we had met before at her mom's surprise 50th birthday party at the State Room, wrote and officiated at the ceremony, and it was very much straight from the heart. The bride and groom made quite the stunning couple and were often joined by the groom's beautiful young daughter. In fact there were many happy children rolling and jumping around the dance floor all night which made for a very family-friendly event.

Party by Design cozied up the outdoor tent with some modern white lounge furniture around the white dance floor; Boston Uplighting added drama and ambience to the space; and I want to commend Emily, Sarah and all the staff at Willowdale for their warmth, graciousness, and attentiveness. I have to say that it was a true pleasure to work at this venue. We can't wait to get to the film having already reviewed the footage. I can honestly say it rocks!

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