Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rachel and Tyson at Astors' Beechwood

This weekend we had the absolute JOY of filming the wedding of Rachel Rediker and Tyson Roy at the Astors' Beechwood mansion on the beach in Newport, Rhode Island. What a magical wedding! And what a warm, friendly, excited couple. The whole day was filled with the love and happiness of friends and family, and lots of them! The view of the beach and the palatial setting of the mansion and grounds gave this wedding the feeling of being in another world.

The couple was married in a traditional Jewish ceremony, complete with Chuppah canopy, candles, and the breaking of the glass. The clouds were kind enough to hold off on raining until after the outdoor ceremony, though we were ready with our umbrellas. After the ceremony the couple signed the ketubah, the Jewish marriage contract. Everything was planned to perfection, but still felt spontaneous and fun.

For the father-daughter dance we had arranged a photo montage of the bride and her father over the years: growing up, going on vacation, graduating from high school. The last 30 seconds of the video was footage from the actual wedding (which took place not two hours before) of the bride's father giving her away. Putting together a same-day edit like that involved some fast work, but everything went off without a hitch, and the couple and their families were very touched by project.

During the wedding we had the pleasure of working with fabulous wedding planner Joanne Gregori, who scheduled everything down to the minute, and made our job easy. We also worked with photographer Tommy Colbert, who was a real class act, and such a fun person to get to know. You can see Tommy's work here at his website.

By far our favorite part of the wedding was the reception. This is one family who knows how to have a good time! Everyone danced, from great grandparents to the break-dancing groomsmen to the four-year-old flower girl. And you can be sure that when the bride and groom were lifted high on their chairs, we caught it all on film! Check back to see clips from the wedding when we post our highlights reel!

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