Monday, November 23, 2009

We're Moving!!!

It's official! GENERATIONS cinemastories is moving into an exciting new home! Our studio will soon have its own floor; We'll have our own basement for storage; and maybe we'll even uncrate some of the records we've been carting around for decades and play some real vinyl in our real living room!

It's going to be great working ( and living) in Boston's new West Edge neighborhood. Our new next door neighbors, who told us about this space are none other than the fabulous wedding photographer couple,Dave Lee and Jo Kaplan of Allegro. Amazing wedding and event planner, Tasha Bracken of SD Events is just down the street, and I even can tell clients to take a turn at bridal salon,VOWS. Too cool!

To get a sense of how excited we are about this move, get this picture: a few weeks ago, Jack and I were digging up and digging in, the perennials from my mom's garden in Brooklyn, that I've carried around for almost 20 years. Maybe the peonies will all bloom this year not just that one brave bush!

Since mid October, everyone in the studio has had their eyes glued to some computer screen working hard to make movies of all the events of the Spring, Summer and Fall. So many weddings! So many couples! Around the studio, we speak with great affection about our movie couples - we know all their names, and if you eavesdropped on some of our conversations, you'd swear we were talking about people we know who just got married.

We're just putting the finishing touches on Gina and Stephen. Gina was one of the most expressive and delightful brides! She wanted to make everyone comfortable, everyone happy, and sincerely thanked everyone who was around. Stephen was clearly her rock, her anchor, and he adored her wise innocence. Together these two were such fun, and so very much in love.

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