Saturday, October 24, 2009

Amy and Andrew at Chatham Bars

We were excited to be filming Amy and Andrew's wedding at The Chatham Bars Inn on Oct 10. Not only was Amy our June bride, Rachel's sister (so we already felt like part of the family!) but we knew that handsome Andrew would be in his formal military attire; that Amy would be a most unpretentious and beautiful bride; and that the warmth and love of this family would make the day full of sunshine, no matter what the New England weather brought. Fortunately for everyone, while the morning appeared grey and cloudy, by the time we arrived at the site, the skies were clearing and when Amy walked down the aisle, the sky was a bright blue, her veil was billowing around her dad in the off -shore breeze, and the sun was warm enough so that everyone was delighted to be outside.

Chad Michael Peters worked his floral and decorating magic with peaches and pinks and greens and plums and the simple chuppah was a perfect canopy framing the beach in the background. The bride, her mom and attendants rode the small distance from their rooms to the ceremony site in a charming cobalt blue trolley. During their ride everyone broke into a spontaneous and spirited chorus of "Going to the Chapel."

Amy had asked us to create a growing up and dating montage of her and Andrew in advance of the wedding, and while the cocktail hour was happening our fabulous team of Corinne and Trevor edited in scenes of the couple from the morning getting ready and from the ceremony through the post wedding kiss. Once the guests were seated in the reception, we showed the montaqe and same day edit, with Amy and Andrew entering the reception to wild applause right after the guests watched their first married kiss on the screen. We have to admit, it was a great way to make an entrance!

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