Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Live from Boston to India!

We love Indian weddings - all the color, the rituals, the fragrances and incense and tuberose (!!)
We love the joy, laughter and full involvement of family and friends. Our experience  has taught us that there are no spectators at a Hindu-Indian wedding - everyone is involved. Sunday morning we arrived at Taj Boston at 8AM to film the beautiful wedding of Ranjini and  Maruthi. The date and time were carefully chosen based on astrologers analyzing the couple's personal charts and finding an auspicious date and time for the ceremony.

The bride and groom live in NYC; The bride's family lives in Michigan, and Boston was chosen for the wedding because of the city's importance to the couple's relationship. We spent  time chatting with the couple, late in the evening reception at Taj about how the casual suggestion of a family friend slowly evolved into a very sweet relationship and a glorious wedding day.

Although family and friends traveled from all over the country - well, the world - to attend Ranjini and Maruthi's wedding, there were some - including one of Ranjini's grandmothers - who couldn't attend in person. We were thrilled to be able to invite everyone in India and elsewhere in the world to watch the ceremony LIVE as we streamed it from the Taj.  

Ranjini & Maruthi - short clip from webcast from GENERATIONS cinemastories on Vimeo.

At the reception we heard that e-mails had already come in from India- thanking the family for the live transmission. Ranjini spoke to her grandmother by phone during the ceremony - and heard how happy the grandmother was to be a guest at the wedding so many thousands of miles away.

We are delighted to now officially announce that we can stream any event - wedding, mitzvah, non-profit or corporate event - to ANYWHERE in the world where viewers have access to the web.  We are very excited that we can now tell couples that guests who can't travel can now be a part of the wedding day - LIVE - as it  happens!

We want to thank Blue Guava www.blueguava.co for the gorgeous florals - particularly the coral peonies that just make me fall in love,; and Groove Entertainment http://www.grooveentertainment.com/ for the beautiful rose/pink uplighting; DJ Dash http://www.djdash.me/ kept the dancefloor full all night with a mix of Indian and Western music, and (thank you!) kept us informed about what was about to happen.

We are grateful to another new, but delightful and talented photographer colleagues, Bryce Vickmark, who braves large weddings on his own and  manages to get great shots while slipping cat like around the room. www.brycevickmark.com, 

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