Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Southern New England Destination Weddings

We always love destination weddings. Much of the time they turn into 3 day events or at least fun weekends. Friends and family really have time to unwind, catch up, toast and roast the couple, and enjoy time away from the ordinary routines of their lives.

Destination weddings are even more fun (for us!) when we get to work with some of our favorite wedding professionals. The weekend then becomes a bit of a party  for us as well, and time off, is time to catch up.

Lauren and Alex's wedding was just such an occasion. The wedding was held at the beautiful Wequassett Inn, Resort and Golf Club on the Cape in Chatham. Jill Person of Person+Killian Photography was on hand to shoot the event with her assistant, Sheryl. 

Congratulations, Person + Killian for being featured in the debut issue of Southern New England Destination Weddings! Here is a link to the pictures from this sophisticated but very warm and fun wedding:


Also, check out our Destinations shout-out on Chatty Brides! Awesome!


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