Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Great Registry or Gift Idea!

A little over a year ago, one very smart and loving maid of honor called us and inquired about an upcoming date which we happened to have available. She told us that she and her best friend's bridesmaids wanted to chip in and surprise the couple with a gift of a wedding film from us. What did we think? We thought it was, and is, a fabulous idea!!

When the film was complete, the happy couple told us that it was the BEST GIFT EVER and suggested other couples consider adding videography to their gift registry, since it's one of those special things that sometimes gets cut in the budgeting process. We think it's a great idea, too - so we're passing it along!

Video is a great way to honor a special day, be it an anniversary, milestone birthday, or even the wedding day itself. Consider having a tribute film made, or having friends or family interviewed about their favorite memories with a loved one. Talk about having a gift personalized, creating a special film just for you is the epitome of personalization! Share something that is meaningful, special, and best of all can be watched and remembered for generations to come.

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