Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Still Can't Believe it!!!

You probably know that video, particularly wedding videography, is our passion as well as our business. Why else would 2 reasonably sane grown ups spend most of their time either at weddings or watching weddings over and over again, ahh-ing and ooing, crying and laughing throughout?

Since we've been in the biz, we've noticed that some people haven't quite seen the value of wedding videography the same way we do. Since videography is an AUDIO-visual medium, we have the advantage of using live sound to add depth and dimension to images in our work. The sound of familiar voices triggers emotional memories like almost nothing else. That's why we're so obsessive about sound perfection and use so many wireless mic's in our work.

Last night one of our dreams came true: Not only did Boston Magazine finally add Wedding Videography to its Best of Boston categories...but WE WON BEST OF BOSTON 2008!
Honestly, there were at least a handful of amazing Boston area videographers whom we would have been happy to see receive this accolade. We were thrilled that the category was finally listed. But to have won it?? That only ups the ante for us in terms of how good we have to be! Stay tuned for our next round of creative projects. We plan to introduce some new creative ideas in the year to come.

Thanks to all our wonderful friends, colleagues, and of course all our couples, for their never-ending support.

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Brittany Blando said...

CONGRATS N + J! You are truly best in Bean Town!