Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another month...

Time goes by even faster in the Summer! I used to notice that even as a kid, but now I notice it even more. A whole month has spun by and all I remember is a blur of beautiful weddings and wonderful couples. This month was also taken up with plans for the Brides Against Breast Cancer benefit event at The Registry at Bloomie's tomorrow. If you're reading this and haven't bought your dress, tomorrow 9/7 and Monday 9/8 you can find 750 amazing gowns at even more amazing prices. And to top it all off, the money all goes to Brides Against Breast Cancer to help people with advanced breast cancer finance special dreams and wishes.

It got me thinking what a difference a dress could make..

Most brides I know have spent a huge amount of time since they were little girls thinking about The Dress. Then they go through the ritual of trying on and ultimately buying the Perfect Dress. The day of the wedding the bride and The Dress go through several peak experiences: First, there is Putting the Dress on. Then there is Mom, then Dad seeing you in The Dress. Then, of course, there is the person at the end of the aisle seeing you in The Dress for the first time. After that, The Dress is pretty much just a dress.

After the party is over, there's not much you can do with The Dress - you can box it, hope your daughter will want to wear it (did you wear YOUR mother's dress?) or put it on for Halloween. Ultimately it will wind up crushed and taking up too much room at the back of your closet.

I have a better idea. Some time after your wedding, the next day, month, year, whatever; put the dress back on, let's go some place fun, with or without your spouse and let's make a short film about anything. I'll be happy to brainstorm ideas with you and I bet you could come up with some of your own! This film could be silly, high-fashion, hilarious, serious, dramatic or anything you want - and it will give you the chance to show another side of you in your dress.

Then when you're all done with the dress' second appearance, donate the dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer. ( They will resell it ( another appearance) and the money will go to making people happy.
Doesn't your special dress deserve a longer life than one day? C'mon, give it real purpose!

By the way, if you decide to do a film shoot with me and donate the dress, I'll take 5% off the shoot and donate another 5% to Brides Against Breast Cancer.

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