Friday, October 17, 2008

An Intern's perspective...

As one of Naomi and Jack’s several interns, I love coming here every week, since I never know what to expect. I could walk into a house full to the brim with hard-working (yet still entertaining) interns, or to Naomi in her bathrobe, fresh out of the shower. I’m always kept updated on the latest gossip, whether it is weddings from the last week, upcoming weddings, or even about a new pair of boots that Naomi just bought on ebay for a killer deal. The setting and atmosphere here is so much different than anywhere I’ve ever worked before. I may be Naomi’s intern, but I also consider her my peer. Everyone is always willing to help and offer suggestions. Yet even though the atmosphere may be more relaxed than the other internships I’ve had, I also know that the work I do here is taken a lot more seriously than anywhere else. I’m not a lowly intern destined to make copies all day, but someone whose opinion matters and whose contributions are just as important as anyone else’s. Each week I come here expecting something new, and even though I’m always prepared, I’m still surprised every time I walk through the door.


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