Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where am I?

Captured in Blogland!

So now almost two months have come and gone since I've written a wedding entry on this blog. I have had the privilege of blogging elsewhere (tho that's little excuse!) - but last weekend I was invited to guest blog on Style Me Pretty ( one of my all-time favorite wedding sites! I was, and am, beyond thrilled, since Abby Larsen, the editor, is high on my list of most fabulous and creative people. The guest blog also gave me the chance to showcase four of our video clips - and I'm happy to say, several of them received wonderful feedback from the blog's readers.
A big thanks to Abby, Michelle, and Theresa from Style Me Pretty for their great site and for letting me blog!

The end of this Summer felt so much like the end of a fireworks display - so much exciting beauty all exploding so fast in front of our eyes! It's been a really intense time, as 2009 wedding clients are coming in to book us, we're trying our hardest to get quick trailers up for our recent wedding clients, and of course, our studio is busy editing our Spring/Summer projects almost 'round the clock.
We've gotten a few new clips up on our site and I'll tell you a bit about each of these weddings...

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