Sunday, November 2, 2008

Leigh and George

You never know what exactly what we have in common with our clients until WOW there it is and are we LUCKY to be making a wedding film with a couple who LOVES BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!!!

We tend to be pretty subtle in our use of music, taking our cues from what our couples tell us, or what we hear at their weddings, particularly during the first dance, and during cocktail hours, so when we found out that George was a Springsteen fan (can you guess that we had been looking for a wedding film in which to use some of our favorite Springsteen love songs?) we were thrilled!!

George even surprised Leigh with a special dance to Bruce's "Drive All Night". I couldn't have been happier. Ok, now all of you know. We haven't started work on that clip yet, but I can't wait to figure out which song to use in the trailer!

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