Thursday, December 25, 2008

Legal at Last! (at least in Massachusetts)

On May 17 2004 we were invited to film the first gay wedding in Boston Ma. The day began at the couple's home, with news reporters and family gathered round and excitement buzzing like electricity in the air. Everywhere we went that day, from the Mayor's reception for family and friends; to the basement of City Hall for the marriage license; to the courtroom for the 3-day marriage waiver; to the Arlington Street Church where the ceremony took place; crowds of people cheered and reporters with mics and cameras from around the world jockeyed for position.

This historic wedding began a journey for me making a film about Equal Marriage. Before Rob and Dave's wedding, I was a strong supporter of Equal Marriage. After their wedding, I felt the need to become a political advocate of what I believe is a civil right.
The film, "Legal at Last! " chronicles the first three years of equal marriage in massachusetts. It takes the viewer through 3 couple's weddings and to political rallies and votes that finally won all adults in Massachusetts the right to marry the partner of their choice.

In response to the disappointing vote and temporary setback of Prop 8, I have decided to post this film so that others may be inspired by it, and some may discover that the issue is about real people, and real lives.

You can find the film on Vimeo at

Legal At Last! (at least in Massachusetts) from GENERATIONS videostories on Vimeo.

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