Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wedding Season!

We had just settled into the long Winter of editing ( what we do here in the studio when we're not filming weddings!) - and before we made any real dent in our Summer/Fall collection of Wonderful Weddings, once again, we're back in Wedding Season.

The Spring Semester at Emerson College and BU has also started, and along with our Senior Staff/intern Lauren (how did we ever live without her??) we now have the profound blessing of Corinne, Jaimie, Amanda, and of course, Justine. All of them infuse us with creativity and inspiration on a daily basis.

Most editors are somewhat solitary creatures (just ask Jack!) but here in the studio, everyone gives everyone else feedback and ideas. It's the way I like to think of a studio - a hotbed of creative synergy.

Many of us working in digital media are quite excited about the new technological developments breaking and on the horizon. Two new still cameras have debuted that can shoot beautiful video; and shortly a much anticipated camera called the Scarlett is expected to hit the market that is tiny (under 4 lbs), and shoots digital video that looks like film, and stills that look fabulous. Many of my photographer friends are excited about exploring a little video, and some of us who have been looking at our 30 frames of images a second (the rate of most video) know how many beautiful still images "just happen". As we add really high definition and gorgeous film-like images...I think we may be looking at a confluence of the two media in the not too distant future. Stay tuned!

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