Friday, July 3, 2009

Father/Daughter Dance/Montage/Same Day Edit...

We are blessed with 2 of the sweetest, smartest, most appreciative brides this season who happen to be sisters. The "R" sisters (and their wonderful families!) were referred to us by the fab Chad Michael Peters who is designing sister 2 (Amy's) wedding at the Chatham Bars in October.

We're always up for something new and creative, so when Rachel approached us about creating a special surprise tribute for her dad to take place during their father/daughter dance we were thrilled. Rachel's dad had traveled extensively on business when Rachel was a little girl and he often brought her along to share special father/daughter time together. We created a simple photo montage from images Rachel supplied us with from their growing up years, then, during cocktails we edited on a short piece showing the two of them together during the photo shoot right before the wedding; dad walking Rachel down the aisle; and finally handing her off to her about to be husband.

Of course Dad was moved and thrilled as well as surprised by this heartfelt tribute - so we followed up by adding footage we filmed during their dance together and posted that for them to enjoy. If you watch carefully, you can see the many layers in this little clip.

Of course we now have the challenge of creating something equally exciting for Amy's wedding this Fall!

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