Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gina and Stephen

Gina and Stephen were a match made in heaven. This couple wasn't supposed to be - they met at a friends' wedding and people kept trying to fix Gina up with Stephen's older brother's friends - but cupid has a way of ignoring facts like age and background.
They fell in love just about at first site, or first song - as Gina was taken by Stephen's singing and guitar playing.

This was a couple who were surrounded by all their friends and family and the love and warmth of their wedding made us smile all night. The priest who married them was a family friend; and the processional was more like a parade - as sisters and brothers and aunts, uncles, in-laws, nieces and nephews trooped down the aisle ahead of Gina and her dad.

Gina was so gracious, that even while she waited in the vestibule outside the sanctuary with her dad, she can be heard thanking the nun who helped arrange the ceremony and had presided over the rehearsal - reminding everyone of the solemnity of the occasion.

I particularly loved the habit Stephen and Gina had of talking at the same time. It was a charming example of two people who had parallel stories to tell - both with the spontaneity and enthusiasm that so described their relationship.
Here, then, is Gina and Stephen!

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