Sunday, August 30, 2009

Catching up!!

Seems like we've been skipping along from wedding to wedding since May. What a wonderful way to live and work! Just being, and loving being surrounded by lots of love, lots of loving couples and families... lots of opportunities to be a part of intimate celebrations.

Last weekend while our wonderful Team 2 was holding down the fort with bride and groom My and Francesco and the Four Seasons in Boston (a big THANK YOU! to always fabulous Tasha Bracken and her great team from SD Events) Jack and I hauled our cams on to a plane, checked our equipment and took off to Baltimore to film my old HS buddy's daughter's wedding.

Laurie was the perfect bride. And, mixing being an honored guest with working the wedding, gave me the opportunity to join the girls' night out at a lovely restaurant; have my mani/pedi (while filming everyone else getting their's) with the girls; and having the friend - of - the -family privilege of being able to ask the groom to read (out loud) the card Laurie sent to him prior to seeing him ("Do I have to read it out loud?' -"Please, Brian, just for me !!") So we got to film intimate moments that were even more intimate than usual, got to eat better food than our usual vendor meals, and even got to squeeze in a few dances ourselves to a very good dj.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend with minimal sleep, but we had a great time and know we got amazing footage. We were even able to recruit a family member to shoot 3rd camera for us!

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