Saturday, October 3, 2009

News Bulletin!!

2009 was not only our fifth anniversary of doing business officially as GENERATIONS, but it's also marked our big name change from GENERATIONS videostories to GENERATIONS cinemastories. The more we thought about being being lumped in with wedding videographers (cheesy!) the more we wanted to distinguish our work as different; more dialogue based; less concerned with new technology and trendy looks and most concerned about real people and capturing their intimate stories.

So- we're now GENERATIONS cinemastories, or just GENERATIONS. We've also added a third partner and a new division: Lauren Schumacher, who came to us a year and a half ago as a fabulous film editor, still a student at Emerson College, proved herself to be so indispensable to our studio, that when she began talking about wanting to start her own business we offered her Cinemastories - a division of our parent company, that now films and produces wedding films that are smaller, less expensive versions of our classic GENERATIONS feature films. That way we get to keep Lauren (Yeaahh!!) and she gets to have her own company. We're all happy now - and for those of you who have yearned for a GENERATIONS' wedding film (or know someone who does but can't swing our rates!) have them call and we'll refer them to Lauren's Cinemastories.

To see some of Lauren's amazing work, check out our Movie Theatre and watch Lindsey and Nate, or Varina and Michael.

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