Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rushika and Roberto

Some times a small wedding makes a very big impression. Rushika and Roberto met with us not long before their wedding, having realized that many family members from Australia and Italy would be unable to attend their wedding. They very much wanted to share the day with them as much as possible, and like most of our couples wanted to send home as much of the day as possible - which is why they sought us out. And which is why we instantly wanted to document their wedding for them.

I rode to the ceremony with Rushika and her dad, and captured a great story from them about how much Rushika felt she and her dad were alike, strong and stubborn people; and why each of them had chosen to marry partners who were easy going and sweet- tempered. Seeing Rushika and her dad banter back and forth en route to the St. Cecilia's in Boston's South End, allowed me an intimate glimpse into the warmth and camaraderie of this father/daughter relationship.

BTW, I love Catholic weddings at St. Cecilia's! Not only is the church bright and and beautiful with round, embracing arches; but Father John is a most welcoming and loving priest - charming everyone by recounting memories of watching his loving parents dancing in his childhood kitchen, and how that image still represents to him a strong symbol of married love.

Following their beautiful ceremony, everyone adjourned to The Lenox Hotel Ballroom, where Entertainment Specialist's Mike Amado kept the guests on the dance floor all night. The couple were the most gracious of hosts, even taking the time to drop in on us when we were having dinner, and then asking the waiters to serve us wine with our meal!

Roberto is quite an expert in music and gave us an interesting challenge by asking us to use specific pieces of music for various parts of the highlights film we created for Rushika's dad to bring back to Australia.
There was so much love and delight at this small and wonderful wedding that we can't wait to work on the full-length film!

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