Sunday, October 4, 2009


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You've probably seen more pink ribbons around town than usual, and more events raising money for the cure than usual. Most of us know women, friends, mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers - who have been affected by breast cancer. Fewer of us are aware that breast cancer can also affect men, and in growing numbers, younger and younger women.

While most breast cancer organizations are working hard to find a cure for this all-too common disease, one local foundation is using art to fund research into environmental causes of the disease. Many people today believe that toxins poured into our environment in increasing amounts post world war 2 are responsible for triggering the onset of breast cancer. Since more money is to be made from curing breast cancer (pharmaceutical companies vie for new and better drugs) - and less money is to be made from understanding the cause of breast cancer; basic research money is hard to come by.

ArtBecause uses art projects of various kinds to raise research money for promising research into environmental causes of breast cancer. This year, Jack, Lauren and I had the honor of working on a film to be part of ArtBecause's 2009-2010 fundraising efforts.
"Here...Because" is a short film documenting a photo shoot staged by David Fox - where we had the opportunity to interview the models and their families regarding their experiences with breast cancer, the shoot and the ArtBeCause Project.

The film was seen for the first time at the ArtBeCause Gala Wednesday evening, October 8 at the Ritz Carleton in Boston.

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