Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Home Stretch!!

October 10, 2009 is the Big Weekend. We're off to 3 fabulous weddings, one at The Chatham Bars, one at The Intercontinental in Boston, and one, a private wedding at an undisclosed location.
We're thrilled to be so busy, and to be working with so many wonderful couples and families, filming weddings and rehearsal dinners, but as we're already well on our way to dividing up our equipment into 3 large piles, checking off lists and making sure we have everything (and everyone!) we'll need for Friday and Saturday night, I have to admit, my heart rate is a bit faster than usual.

We're very lucky to have trained so many talented cinematographers over the past 4 years. And, even luckier, that they still want to work with us as part of our studio. As we continue to grow, we make sure that we maintain the right synergy of talent, personalities and skills to ensure that each team that attends a wedding is made up of just the right mix of people.

Right now we have 3 teams. One is Jack's team; one mine, and one Lauren's. Each wedding has its own requirements, so team members get to work with all of us at one time or another, but everyone seems to have a particular specialty. Trevor and Jean are our Same Day Edit Experts. Jack, Travis and Trevor are our Tech Specialists. Travis and Jack are lighting artists, and Jean, Lauren and Jack are our guaranteed top shooters. I specialize in stories and interviews, closeup filming and bridal prep. Lauren's great on fashion shoots and making sure everything's organized as is Jack. Joe is a welcome new team member who shoots beautifully and sensitively. We're welcoming back Ben, who worked with us several years ago as a grad student in film at Emerson, and who brings with him KJ. We're also welcoming Lauren's long-time friend Kyler, who joins us from Maryland.

After this weekend, I plan to sit down and review the Summer and catch up on all the weddings I haven't written about yet - including adding links to new clips. Stay tuned!

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